At Well Happy, we’re all about engaging patients, families and communities with healthcare. We help you identify and set your healthcare goals and then work with you pro-actively to achieve those goals. We place a particular emphasis on prevention by detecting disease early, preventing deterioration of health and reducing symptoms to improve quality of life.

We do this partnering with regulated health services and managing your interaction with them.

Health inequality is unfortunately a very real problem in the UK and we believe our work helps reduce that, by educating people about the various and wide ranging services that are available. Knowing what services are available and what services are you are eligible for is not an easy endeavour to embark on. We advocate the democratization of healthcare, where you as an individual have the right to be able to choose how, when and where you are able to access services and how those services will help you achieve your health goals. We personalise healthcare for you.

Simply complete the brief questionnaire which helps us establish an initial health profile for you.

Next, one of our team of advisors will call you at a time that suits you. At this point we will discuss your current health profile and proposed health goals. We can then work with you to quickly identify gaps in the way you manage your health in respect to your goals. We will then endeavour to assist you in achieving your goals by using our network of accredited healthcare partners (GP’s, Pharmacies, Dentists, Optometrists etc). Once we identify a service(s) that may be suitable for your needs, we will ‘book’ you in. It’s that simple.

We do all the running around and management for you. We will book you into a service at a time, date and location that is acceptable to you. Once booked, we will send you a confirmation message to confirm the booking.

On the day of the appointment, we will send you an email or SMS text to advise you of the time. Please arrive at your appointment, 5 minutes before it is due. You should tell the reception that you have a booking from Well Happy.

That’s it. Simple. Your healthcare provider will then guide you through the consultation, check or procedure and then supply results to you on the same day (where blood tests are performed, this may take slightly longer).

This is where it gets really clever. Your advisor at Well Happy will investigate if the chosen service is NHS funded (Free at the point of delivery) or if it is a private service.

If it is an NHS service, then you do not need to pay. You simply complete the appointment and that’s it.

If the service chosen is private, then you complete the appointment and pay the fee directly to the healthcare provider. We will tell you before hand what the price will be.

Simply fill out the online form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your health profile and discuss which services are available and eligible to help you meet your health goals.