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I’m so happy I found you! I wasn’t aware I was eligible for a FREE NHS Health Check. You helped guide me through my options and I eventually booked at a local NHS pharmacy. The process was super smooth. If it was possible, I’d let you book all my appointments! Just to let you know, my health check gave me a clear bill of health! Thanks so much guys!

Daniel, Redhill

How It Works

Why Have An NHS Health Check?

1. Initial Consultation

We spend some time talking to you getting to understand both you and your health profile. During the conversation, we will discuss your health goals. If you don’t want to jump on a call, you can use our online consultation form.

2. Personalisation of Healthcare

We take your information and work out what services may be relevant to you, based on your health profile and goals. We then serve you with a list of options, for your consideration.

3. You decide

You can then let us know, In your own time, if any of the proposed products or services is what you think would help you reach your health goals.

4. The Booking Process

If it’s a health service appointment, that you would like to book. We will handle it all and do all the running around. All you need to do is provide us with your preferred date and time. We will propose the service site and arrange the booking between the service provider and you. If it is for a product such as health insurance, then we will get our specialist advisors to call you further to set up. Once you have booked, we will send you a confirmation message.

5. On the Day

On the day of the appointment to a partner site, we will send you a reminder. All you need to do is take some ID along to the provider site and let them know that you have a booking arranged by WellHappy. Its as simple as that. If it is an NHS funded service, it will be FREE (subject to NHS eligibility criteria). If it is a private service, you would pay the partner site, once the appointment concludes and you have your results.

Why Have An NHS Health Check?